Gods-Story4-copySandy was a mom in our community that came to our moms evening group as a result of a mass mailing our church did to promote our group to families that live within a 5-10 mile radius of our church.

Sandy was always the first one to arrive at our meetings. She is a very sweet, quiet (until you get to know her) faithful mom. She never missed a meeting.

In November after we had already had 4 previous meetings, we were having an executive chef speak on preparing healthy foods for our families. The Chef would mix the ingredients for a particular dish, then “Poof” out of the oven comes a prepared tasty dish for all to eat.

After we were served, I watched to see where Sandy was going to sit. I followed her and asked if I could sit with her? She pointed to a chair and said, “Sure”. 

We chatted about everything and then I asked her about her church and what they teach about heaven. Her reply was, “Just do the best you can.”

I asked her if I could show her from the Bible what God says about getting to heaven. She welcomed me to share this with her.

I shared verses from Romans and explained them to her. She said that she believed all that Christ did for her and she knew she was a sinner. I then asked her if she would like to receive Christ as her personal Savior. She said, “Yes”. And that night at our meeting, Sandy got saved.

 Well, from that night on, God used Sandy to help reach more moms in the community because she worked at a 5 star hotel in the area and her boss donated a free night stay as a door prize. We decided to use it as an incentive to encourage moms to have perfect attendance and then in our last meeting in April we would have a drawing with the moms that never missed any of our meetings through out the year.

Simply amazing to see moms show up for the meetings, just to win that prize for them and their husbands.

Sandy was able to donate these free nights for several years.

 Using something like,  “a free night in a hotel”, drew moms of the community to our group. Many heard the gospel through out the year and many connected and some got saved as a result of God saving Sandy. Sandy is still serving the Lord and is very faithful to church.

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