Results of a Fashion Show

FashionNovember, four years ago, our mom’s group had a fashion show. Oh, Yes! Eight to ten moms in our group volunteered to be our models. We coordinated our fashion show with a manager of a nearby department store. The plans were for “our models” to schedule a time with the store to try on an appropriate and attractive outfit to model at our next meeting.

Each mom had a fashion consultant who helped her pick out a becoming outfit with jewelry, purse  and shoes all to accent her attire. The manager then tagged the outfits with each mom’s name.  An hour before the show was to begin, the manager brought all of the items to our meeting place, so moms could get dressed for the runway.

What an exciting night!! The room was packed out with moms sitting at tables facing our homemade 6″ high wooden runway that was decorated with black construction paper. The soft music was playing in the background, as moms modeled the outfits they were wearing. The fashion consultant described in detail mom’s attire.

What fun!!

Now that I have set the scene, as the fashion show had concluded, it was my turn to share a mentor mom moment. I got up and gave a 10 minute challenge on the verse in James that talks about the mirror of our souls.

James 1:23,24 – “For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass: For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was.”

As soon as I was finished, I was about to pray and a lady from the group yelled out, “Pray for my husband”. I told her we would be glad to pray for him and then asked her, a first time guest, what her name was and what was wrong with her husband. She told us that he had cancer and he only had six months to live. We prayed right then for George, Dawn’s husband.

After we prayed, the manager of the store wanted to give away a $50 gift certificate to the store. Seventy-five moms had their names in a large bowl. The manger tossed the names around a few times and then picked out a name card. You guessed it. She drew Dawn’s name. Only God!!! All the ladies in the room stood to their feet clapping, laughing and crying!!!! We were so glad she won!!! What a great ending to a great night with moms.

Our relationship with Dawn didn’t end there. After that, Dawn came a few times to our mom’s group. We were so glad to have her in our group. About  four and half months later, I got home from my office and was very tired from working all day. God brought George and Dawn to my mind. So, I stopped and prayed for them. After prayer, I was straightening up around the house and was deciding what to fix for dinner. George kept coming to my mind. I stopped and prayed again. After prayer, thoughts of George would not leave me. So I called Rachel, the young lady that brought Dawn to our Fashion show, and asked her if she would go with me to see George and Dawn because I could not get them off my mind. She told me that George was in Hospice. I felt so bad that he was there.

We arrived at Hospice about 4:30 that afternoon. We quietly walked into his room and Dawn shouted when she saw us and blurted out to George that I was the lady at the Fashion show where she won the $50 gift certificate. I was then introduced to George. He was sitting up in a chair with tubes in his nose and throat. We chatted small talk and asked how he was doing. He had said that he wasn’t doing very well. I shared with both George and Dawn about my dad dying a few years early of lung cancer. I told them that someone shared with my dad how he could know for sure he was going to heaven. I told them that my dad accepted Christ and that today my dad is in heaven. I asked George if I could share those Bible verses with them. They both said yes, so I proceeded to share the Gospel with them. After the verses were read and explained to them; I asked  if they would like to pray and receive Christ. They both said “Yes.” George prayed, then Dawn prayed telling Christ that they believed He died on the Cross for them, rose again the third day and they wanted Him to forgive them of their sin and come into their lives and be their Savior. I then closed in prayer.

We were all so excited and so glad for this time in George and Dawn’s lives. Dawn then told us that her two children who were preschool and elementary age, had not eaten all day. I asked George if he would like a milk shake or something and his response was: “Will you bring me back a Bible?” He wanted spiritual food. Wow! We told him we could do that. So, Rachel, Dawn, her two children and I, drove around the corner and purchased some Kentucky Fried Chicken for them to eat back in the room with George. When we arrived back at Hospice, Rachel had an extra Bible in her car and handed that to Dawn. We did not go in.  It was about 5:30 so we headed home.

Two days later, someone in the church office told me that George had slipped into eternity around 7:00 the night we had been there to visit. I cried when I heard the news. I cried for joy that George accepted Christ and he got saved in time.

Friends, I cried even more over the fact that I obeyed God when He laid George and Dawn on my heart to go visit them. I was so close to staying at home because of how tired I was, but I couldn’t get them off my mind.

May I challenge you that when God brings someone to your mind, make contact with them in some way. Yes, pray for them. Send them a text or e-mail. Send a message on Facebook or give them a call. Your contact with them may lift their load, bring sunshine to a gloomy day or it may be the last contact you will have with them here on earth.

Listen to God. When He brings someone to mind, respond and be blessed.

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