Who wears these shoes?

Hmm, looking at this picture, it looks like someone has an awesome task before them. These shoes may represent that someone is about to raise their first child, or maybe, they have the thrill of raising their fourth or fifth child. As a parent, they have the greatest, most important task on this earth; and that is to raise them for God.

Yes, I say God, because without Him, we as parents, are not equipped to raise our young children to be well rounded individuals.

Today, we are getting ready to celebrate our country’s birthday; and all the activities of summertime. It is a tribute to the  parents of the past who taught their children to love God, family,and country.

Our forefathers and foremothers, took pride in teaching their children about God, taking them to church, doing well in school, teaching them our country’s heritage, and teaching their children to respect authority.

Respecting authority is huge. That means respect the positions of individuals, not necessarily the individuals. Respect the speed limit, respect teachers, respect the government, respect parents.

We salute you parents, because you have raised or are raising doctors, nurses, teachers, preachers, missionaries, soldiers, and future moms and dads. Parents are the key core to our homes, and our countries. What we teach our children impacts generations to come. This is how it has been and that is how it is now, and surprise, that is how it is going to be in our future.

So, we need to step up to the plate, take control of the darlings, that live in our homes, and get things in order. The following information is what my husband and I have learned and/or experienced with raising our children.

This chosen opportunity is the most important task on earth, so please read. If there are things you need to stop or start in your home, and in the lives of your children; then please, please begin now.

  1. Listen to your children. Regardless of their age, listen.
  2. Supply what earthly things they need, not always, what they want.
  3. Eat meals with them.
  4. Do family activities. Turn the TV off. Leave the cell phones, where the rotary phone use to be.
  5. Lighten up on circumstances. Not everything is an emergency.
  6. Laugh.
  7. Help with homework. Go to their activities.
  8. Take your family to church. Yes, take them. You may know about God; but your children have a right to know Him too.
  9. Read the Bible for yourself, read and teach them to read it.
  10. Teach them the value of work.
  11. Teach them the value of time, and being on time with their schedule.
  12. Teach them to respect authority. If they do, they will do well.
  13. Pray for yourself. Pray for your children. Pray with them.
  14. Teach them to do their best with every task.
  15. Don’t compare your child with other children. They are individuals.
  16. Respect your children.
  17. Be ready to apologize when you do wrong. They know you are not perfect, so let them know, that you know, you are not perfect.
  18. Love your position as a parent. Love, hug, and kiss them.
  19. Always give hugs before bedtime.
  20. Always tell your children that you love them. They need to hear it.

Wow! What a responsibility it is to be a parent. Life is not about you anymore. It is about raising your children to know God personally and to become all they can be for His glory.

In todays world, we need to stand straight and tall; and not be ashamed that you know God; and that you are going to stand for the rights of your children. Be a part of their lives regardless of their ages, and stand up for what is right in the schools, communities and in the churches.

If we do not encourage, and stand together, we are going to lose this generation. Your children are more valuable than any thing you own.

Being a parent is an awesome, and highly honorable privilege.  You may tell me that you do all of the above; or you may tell me you have done some, or none at all. We need to realize the eternal value of our God given responsibilities.

You must also realize, when your children become adults, regardless of all you have done; to raise them, that God has given each individual the will to choose. When your child is grown, they then take on their own responsibilities and choices.

You should always pray for them to have wisdom and good old fashion common sense, when making their decisions, as adults.  You can give guidance when they ask, and support them in making right decisions.

We know you love your children; but realize, God loves them more than you do. Be their best cheer leader, love them, and pray, pray, pray.

Remember God is a parent:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  John 3:16

Did you want to know who’s shoes are in the picture above?

The big shoes are YOURS.

Oh, that may be a picture of a long time ago, or maybe they are your shoes now. God gave you shoes to fill as parents, so we salute you. Dedicate yourselves, to raise your children, to glorify God!!

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