Wow! Next Thursday is Thanksgiving.

I can already smell the dinner aromas drifting through the entire house: turkey & dressing in the oven since dawn; side dishes of corn casserole, mash potatoes & gravy, green beans, homemade rolls, squash casserole, pumpkin, pecan & apple pies, & should I go on? I bet you are beginning to smell those aromas now yourself. A totally exciting feast day with family & friends. Mmmmm good!!!!

The main tradition we have always done, and discovered that my sweet daughter-in-laws family always did as well and that was naming what we were all thankful for. After we were seated around the table, and before prayer, someone would start naming at least one thing they were thankful for & would continue around the table, until everyone had voiced a blessing God had given them. After prayer and passing the many dishes of food around the table, the conversations would dwindle as people were too busy eating, acting as though they had only seconds to empty their plates. Within 15-20 min, people were scooting their chairs back from the table, saying they had eaten too much. The pies would have to wait until later.

Some family members would decide to take a walk, the younger group would head outside to play a little football, others would claim the recliner and the couch or even the floor & stretch out for a short nap. Usually the wonderful sacrificing cooks would clear the table, and sometimes finish the clean up in the kitchen just in time to set the left overs out for snack and dessert time.

Usually in late afternoon, some would get the table games out, not caring who won in the competition, just simply enjoying family time.

Just some simple times with family. A time of thanksgiving. Perhaps, readers, you can reminisce a little, and look forward to great family time next week. Forget the stress of the job, the financial challenges, the politics in Washington, and take this time to soak in family time. Life is too short to not enjoy moments with family and friends.

I like doing acrostics of words, not saying I am great with it, but I enjoy thinking of words and phrases. Perhaps, do one yourself on the word: “Thanksgiving”

Here is mine:

Today I am thankful for
Home and
All of our family members
Near and far, realizing we have a
Kindred spirit  due to the relationships we have with our
Savior Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and
God the Father who gives us an
Inner bond of
Victory and peace in our salvation;
Inviting  all people
Now to enjoy
God in a great  and renewing way this Holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Psalm 150:6  “Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.”

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