Super Mom/ Mother’s Day Celebration

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  No longer am I just a Mom. I’ll only go by SUPER [MOM] You look at me as just a [woman] but I hide deep inside: I can fly and I’m super strong and I know the difference between right and wrong, see through everything unless its made of lead. Kryptonite is the only thing that I dread. I could go all day if you want me to but you’d rather I thought about saving you which I seem to do just about everyday for truth justice and the American way. I never get Super [Mom] is just how it sounds: I’m a SUPER [MOM] just making my rounds and I will save you cause that’s what the brave do. I’m known as the [mom] of steel with a heart of gold. SUPER [MOM] is just how it sounds. My secret identity must never be found. I just need an abandoned street a phone booth real discreet where I can turn into the [MOM] my family wants me to be…

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!!! Are you feeling like you are literally a SUPER MOM? I believe the majority of moms fit that description because a home doesn’t function as well with out a mom. Moms are suppose to know where the car keys  were put last,  the answer to algebra II problems, if the favorite shirt was washed, brownies baked for the cheerleader’s bake sale, where the kindergartener placed his shoes, be a nurse to your feverish child, a taxi driver for the neighborhood baseball players, fix an extra meal for your friend who just had a baby, write a permission slip for the field trip, on and on we could go.

But through it all, aren’t you glad to be a mom?

Yes, you teach your children to have good manners and you instill within them good character traits and good work ethics. However, the greatest opportunity of all, is to teach your children about God. God so loved the world. God loves them. Christ died and rose again for their salvation. Teach your precious children how they can live eternally with God someday; by believing Christ died for their sins.

Time slips by too quickly. Some day you will wake up and your son is graduating from college, your daughter is married for two years and is now expecting your first Grand child. Wow! where did the time go? Enjoy every opportunity you have as you raise your children for God. Perhaps, some day the Lord may say to you: “Super job Mom”.

As my siblings celebrate Mother’s day and reminisce over the fact that our Mom has been in heaven for almost two years.; may this be of comfort and a tribute to her; our “Super” Mom:

Ellen Irene McConnell. The meaning of “Ellen” is “courage”. The meaning of “Irene” is “peace”.  The best way to describe our mom is to write an acrostic of the word “Mother”.

Meek – Our Mother was  humble and submissive.

Overcomer – She conquered the tough times in her life.

Testimony – It was evident that she loved God.

Heart – She had a great affection for her family.

Example – She cared for others and had a great work ethic.

Rock – She was our refuge, our supporter, our foundation.

May our mother hear our tribute in heaven and know that we will love her forever. Thanks for being our Mother.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.     Philippians 4:4

(you tube paraphrased Goldentusk’s Superman theme song lyrics published on July 5, 2012).


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