Stay Focused = Domino Effect

Photo By David Castillo Dominici

Photo By David Castillo Dominici

Moms, I am assuming that sometime during your years of mothering, you have cradled your child’s face in your hand and have said, “Stay focused! You can do this!”.

Well, Ladies, I am wanting to cradle your sweet faces in my hands, encouraging you to stay focused on your goal in implementing this outreach in your church. The goal being: reach out and build relationships with community moms, and share the love of Christ with them.

At one of our leadership meetings about 4 yrs. ago, I challenged the leaders to pray and ask God to give them one mom to be theirs and invite her to our meetings and develop a long-lasting friendship with a particular mom.

Tabitha, our coordinator, did just that. Before our year began, Tabitha and her children were at a nearby Chick-Fil-A. There she met Elisa. She explained to Elisa the details of the mom’s group, gave her an invite card and asked her to be her visitor. Elisa came and got connected to the moms. Everyone fell in love with Tabitha’s new friend. With Elisa’s joyful, fun personality, she became friends to many. After two years of faithfully attending,  Elisa got saved at our Christmas party. (At Christmas, a mentor mom shares the Gospel story). How exciting for everyone but especially for Elisa and Tabitha!!!!! When Tabitha shared with Elisa that she had asked God to give her a special mom to invite, Elisa got excited and decided to ask God for a mom she could invite to the meetings! Well our new friend in Christ was very faithful to invite every mom she ran into at the stores, restaurants and neighborhood. It was that next fall session, that it happened at Chick-Fil-A, that she met beautiful sweet Maricela. The two ladies connected, Elisa handed her an invite card told her about the meetings and she came! This new friend became a very faithful member of the group. It was at the Christmas party, after the Gospel was shared, that Maricela received Christ as her personal Saviour.

Are you seeing the domino effect? Guess what Maricela started praying? You guessed it, she invited a friend, Bridgette to the meetings. (please note, we don’t just share the Gospel at Christmas time, but it is in our meetings at Christmas and the end of the year, that  we really emphasize the Gospel). At our December party, after the Gospel was clearly explained that sweet, quiet  Bridgett got saved!!!! Wow! Such rejoicing in heaven!!!!

One person was challenged to invite a mom to the meeting and look what only God could and can do. His heart is souls!!

Sweet friends, as you plan and prepare your meetings, getting speakers, setting the menu, buying supplies, and picking up door prizes etc. please stay focused on the goal– ask God to give you a mom- a soul to invite. You can do it!!!!!

Have fun as your great year begins and go find you a mom to invite, build a friendship and watch God work!!!!! 🙂

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