Michelle’s Story

13409103_sIt was the opening of one of the fall sessions of our mom’s group, I was walking around the room greeting all of the moms entering our beautifully decorated meeting room when I met Michelle. She was sitting at the table with Charity, one of our table leaders. Charity introduced me to Michelle and told me that Michelle was her answer to a prayer request she prayed at one of our leadership meetings we held during the summer. I am a hugger, so I gave Michelle a hug and told her that I was so glad to meet her and I proceeded to tell Charity that I was very thankful that God answered her prayer request.

It was at one of three meetings we hold during the summer months, planning and sharing ideas for the up coming mom’s group held twice a month from September thru April. At our planning  meetings we go over the theme for the year, share ideas for decorations and discuss what speakers we want to invite to our meetings.

It is great fellowship with the leadership team. We eat of course, and talk about what worked and did not work in our last sessions and then work on striving to make the next year even better. Before we end our evenings, we always have a challenge from God’s Word and have a special prayer time. At one of these meetings, Charity had prayed that God would give her a community mom to invite to our group.

This is how God worked to bring two moms together.  One day, Charity noticed a “welcome baby” sign in the front yard of one of the houses right down her street. She did not know who lived there but decided to take a baby gift and introduce herself to the new baby and the parents. Michelle answered the door and with some hesitancy she invited Charity in and relaxed when Charity handed her a baby gift along with a gospel tract.  Because of just arriving home from the hospital, Charity did not visit long.

A couple of weeks later, Charity invited Michelle to go walking in the neighborhood with her and her children. Michelle was still on maturity leave, so she was glad to take these morning walks with her newborn and her new neighbor. During their morning walks, these ladies got acquainted and looked forward to their time together. One day Charity invited Michelle to go with her to our mom’s group that would be  starting up in a few days. Charity proceeded to invite her to church as well. Because Michelle was new to the city, she was very interested in creating a network of friends and becoming a part of a support group. Michelle’s family lived out of the state so the moms time out was a welcoming idea.

After Michelle had been attending our group regularly, Charity asked me if I would go with her to make a home visit with Michelle. I agreed and so Charity set up the day and time with Michelle. All three of us were excited to spend some special time together away from the group. After the “hi’s and how are you’s”, I asked Michelle how she was balancing her work with being a new busy single mom? Especially since her family didn’t live near her. This sweet lady amazed me. She had her act together. She was pleased with childcare for her baby and she was very successful in her career. This mom was doing great!!!

I told her that I was so glad that she was a part of our moms group and that our church was available and ready to be another support group for her if she needed a church family. I then asked her about her upbringing and if she had a church and being new to the area, she had not visited a church yet. I asked her if I could share some Bible verses with her that several years ago, someone had shared with me? These verses gave the answer to how to go to heaven, how to be ready for heaven and how to know the way. These verses were going to tell her our condition before God, what Christ did for us and how we can have faith to receive Christ as our own personal Savior. Michelle agreed for me to share these verses with her. I explained each verse, starting with John 3:16 and then turned the pages to the verses in Romans.  After my explanation of sin entering the world, and God’s remedy: Christ’s death and resurrection. I finished with:

Romans 10:9 “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”

Michelle bowed her head and asked Christ to come into her heart and save her soul. I shared with her that now that she is a child of God, praying and reading her Bible will help develop her spiritual life with her new heavenly Father. I told her church attendance is a time to worship God with others and to have Christian fellowship.

The next week Michelle, made a public profession of her faith in church and the following week she got baptized. Since that time Michelle still attends the mom’s meetings and has added her family support team, her church.

The last time I talked with Michelle on the phone, she told me that she works in the church nursery once a month. What a blessing!!!!

Charity’s prayer was answered when she asked God to give her a mom to invite to our mom’s group. God went the next step and saved Michelle’s soul.

Charity took advantage of the moment. She saw a baby sign in a front yard in her neighborhood, took a small gift and introduced herself to a new mom. She met the mom she had prayed for. What a blessing! What an answer to prayer! What a willing heart of both Charity and Michelle. What a Savior!!!!

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