It Started with a Loaf Pan

(A testimony of a mom)

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It was a sunny afternoon, and I was working at my desk in my preschool office and my phone rang and it was Cindy from our mom’s group.

We shared small talk about Monday night mom’s group and then I asked her what I could do for her.

She said that she sold pampered chef and she was going to place a book party and wanted to know if I would like to order something from her. ( in my current time of life, I dust the top of my stove more than I use it. But I wanted to get to know Cindy) so I said that I would be glad to order something. I ordered a small loaf pan and as soon as I had placed my order, Cindy said.” Mrs. Josie, you are different and so are some of the young moms that are in our mom’s group. I don’t have what you have. You know what I am missing and will you tell me what it is?”

Wow! How awesome is that?

I asked her if she had some free time and I would be glad to share with her what the difference was between us.

That evening, she drove on the church campus, we walked into the church, the lights were on and no one seemed to be around so we sat in the front pew and I opened my Bible.

Cindy asked me to start from the beginning and share what Christ did for her, because she had not been raised in church.

So, I gave her a brief synopsis of the Old Testament and moved into the explanation of the Gospel of Christ in the New Testament.

After explaining this, Cindy said, she wanted it. We knelt at the altar, she prayed and asked Christ to save her. She, her husband, Sam and children are saved and are involved in a local Bible preaching church in the area.

Hmmmm! It started with a small pampered chef loaf pan.

Be sensitive to the Spirit of God in your life and let Him use you to reach moms for His glory.

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