Interview with Channel 4 Jacksonville, Fl

Ok, “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, action, you are on the air”. Or, another way to say it  is: ” Lights, cameras, action”. Well, that’s about what happened.  Wendy and I, went to the Jacksonville, television station where we were invited to share what It’s 4 uMom is about and to feature our next mom’s meeting, ” Stepping into Fitness” This was the first time to share on television,   It’s 4 uMom, ladies outreach ministry.

We invite all moms to attend our meetings here in Jacksonville. You will have to attend and see for yourself the fun, crazy things we do. The laughing, the eating, the tears, and just the great times we have with moms. You will meet moms whose lives have been changed as a result of knowing and receiving Christ; as well as their life circumstances, changed.

The It’s 4 uMom manual is available on line: The manual will guide you through the plans of choosing your leaders, qualifications, responsibilities, timelines, activities, sample sheets for attendance, registration, and childcare. It will give the steps to starting it as early as 3-4 months ahead, and will instruct you up to the hour before the community moms walk through the door of your meeting room.

You all, may just be the people God wants to use in starting this ministry in your gospel preaching churches. Churches and missionaries are not to base it on the size of the congregation; but rather, on God; and how He can use anyone who is willing and has a heart for reaching people. We currently have one lady in the 10/40 window of our world who is doing this outreach on her own. She has 25-30 Muslim ladies that attend as well as a few American moms.  There is a church who has 10,000 – 15,000 members who are wanting to start this outreach in the fall. When God is in it, it works!

It’s 4 uMom is a  great outreach ministry formulated after the life of Christ: Jesus met the needs of the people and then drew them to Himself spiritually.

It’s 4 uMom is not a Bible study, rather, it is the first step to meeting community moms we do not know and to connect with moms we do know but do not want to attend church.

It’s 4 uMom is not to replace any current ladies groups, but it is to be a branch out of the ladies ministry.

Please contact me for further information:                              

Acts 16:31b becomes a reality: ‘…and thy house.” Reach mom and we can reach her family.


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