I Just Have to Tell!

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Have you ever experienced news that you know beyond a shadow of doubt, that it is true? You can’t wait to tell your best friend, your family, or anyone you come in contact? News that you just have to tell or you are going to bust at the seams? Well, that is where I am right now and I can not be silent.

Four years ago, it was a suggestion from my husband, our pastor, president of our Christian college, and our son, that I should write a manual on how I was implementing an outreach where I was building relationships with community moms, witnessing, winning them, and growing the church. I followed through with their suggestion and wrote a manual: It’s 4 uMom; so churches could use this same type of outreach in their ministries.

Last week, when I evaluated and shared with a co-staff person, what God has done with this soul winning tool; I was amazed in what God did in every aspect of this outreach. I reviewed how God had saved someone from each facet. I share with you the following:

  1. The Coordinator: She invited a mom from Chick Fil A. This new attendee came to every meeting. She got saved at a Christmas party two years later. This mom is now a helper at one of our tables in the group.
  2. Speaker: We invited a wife and mom with a career: working with the $140 million dollar NASA launch pad; to share how she balances home life with her job. She shared how she loved her job, but loved being a wife and mom far more than her career.  She was a church attendee but got saved after our meeting.
  3. Mentor Mom: One of our mature moms was burdened for her older neighbor who wanted nothing to do with church. She connected at the moms group, got saved and joined the church.
  4. Table Leader: This leader  invited a mom from her son’s school. She came and got saved at our group’s end of the year cookout.
  5. Invite Card: A result of a mailing within a five mile radius of the church, a young mom attended. This mom invited her mom and mother in law to attend. Hilda, the young mom, got saved,  and then months later died of a rare kidney disease. Her mom and mother in law, visited church and both of them got saved.
  6. Event: We had our own Fashion show, with eight moms walking down our homemade runway. We had a lot of fun. Result: First time mom visited; and asked us to pray for her husband. Four months later, She and her cancer, dying husband, got saved. That night, the husband slipped into eternity. He met Jesus face to face; because he got saved a few hours before he died.
  7. uKids: An 8 year old girl, received Christ during the school age group; while her mom was enjoying the mom’s meeting.
  8. Pizza Maker: The young mom, who worked at the near by pizza store. She always made the pizza for our uKids group. She got saved as a result of always receiving and reading  a gospel tract when we ordered the pizza.
  9. Manager at a Hotel. We had our first annual, “It’s 4 uMom” conference in a hotel conference room. After meeting with the manager and coordinating the details of the conference, she got saved and shared her testimony at our first meeting.

Wow! When God is in it, it will work!!!

Did you know that any size church with any size budget can implement this outreach ministry?

I know this from a testimony of a church that had only $300. for the entire year to do this outreach ministry. The leaders of the group met in a home and prayed that God would support and care for this group. They believed that God wanted them to build relationships with community moms, witness to them, win them and grow the church.  The ladies supplied their own refreshments and decorated their tables with great items from their homes. During the year, the ladies had three fund raisers with the help of near by restaurants.

At the end of their year, when celebrating with the moms at their last meeting before summer break; the balance of their budget was $492. Yes! God did it!!

Wow! When God is in it, it will work!!!

We all have the same God! Are you ready for God to do something for your ministry? Then step out because we know this verse:

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Hebrews 11:6

Without faith, we as Christians, can not please God. If we implement our faith in God, He says He will reward if we seek Him with diligence.

Church leaders, do you not want God to bless and reward your ministry? I know you do. Then, perhaps, it is now time to step out, be blessed, renewing the joy of the Lord in ministry, and reach out to people who need God.

It’s 4 uMom is a method,  and a tool, that is based on the formula that Christ used in His ministry. Jesus met the needs of the people and then drew them to Himself spiritually.

Open up your church dining rooms, invite community moms, have refreshments, build relationships and win them.

It’s 4 uMom Manual lays out the plans, the time frames, the activities; and the step by step guide for ladies of the church to prepare and be the hostesses for the group. Then watch God work.

This outreach is based on  the following verse:

And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house. Acts 16:31

Reach mom and we can reach her family.

Perhaps, It’s 4 uMom, is for such a time as this.

Then, you also will have great news to tell.

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