Hmmm, need money for your group?

Let’s see, need to check my planning list:

1. Checked out the “It’s 4 uMom” webpage (Love it)

2. Shared outreach with some enthusiastic ladies in the church (check)

3. Counted how many leaders needed to start the group. (check)

4. Ordered the  # of manuals for each leader (Check)

5. Had first leadership meeting to plan dates & speakers (check, So excited!)

UH, then came the big, concerned question from the corner of the meeting room–

How Are We Going To Pay For It???????

Now, wait a minute, we are grown, intelligent, discerning ladies, we know how to budget, right? Let’s put our heads together and see what we can work out.

Fundraisers are great possibilities:

1. Pray, Pray, Pray and Pray some more   (all year)

2. Contact local businesses that help different organizations with fundraisers.

The business will coordinate a day of the week and a time slot that the restaurant will give the group a percentage of the sales that they receive.

The mom’s group will then design a flyer (approval of the business) to pass out at schools, salons, libraries, churches, friends, neighbors,  Walmart, Target shoppers etc. to get the word out to eat at this particular business. You will need to give the coupons out before arriving in the parking lot of the business. (if that is the request of the business). Many businesses that are willing to help will allow you to do this event twice a year or more.

3. Sell “It’s 4 uMom” cookbooks and/or T-shirts.

Your group can purchase these at base price through this mom’s ministry by contacting Josie at  After purchase you may increase the price of items by $2-$4.00 and receive the profit.

4. Donation Basket

Have an attractive, eye-catching decorative basket that is passed around the room at every meeting. Announce this when someone is sharing the announcements with the moms. Let the moms know they are not obligated to give,  but when they can, it is greatly appreciated. This money is to  help cover the expenses of the meetings: paper goods, honorarium for the speakers, crafts and snacks for childcare etc.

5. Bake Sales

Ask as many ladies as possible to donate

fresh-baked goods; church members, neighbors, friends, & family.

Choose a very busy location for the sales.

If you have enough volunteers to help and provide goodies, you may want to sell at 2 locations.

6. Donation Leadership meeting (with all leaders of the group.)

Announce a head of time that at this meeting each lady is asked to donate some items. (Let them choose what item is best for them to bring): paper goods: plates, cups, napkins, forks, spoons etc. (all in bulk) tablecloths, bottled 2 liter drinks. May need to select a storage place for these products.

7. Commercial in Adult classes

Have an energetic leader of the group, visit the adult classes in the church and share the purpose of It’s 4 uMom outreach ministry and see if they would donate money toward this great cause. Many people will donate if they know the need.

8. A Baby sitting Night    (coordinate with nursery director)

Ask for a room/rooms to use for this event.

Advertise this service to the church.

Set a price or a minimum per child.

Set a time 3-4 hours.

Charge an amount if parents are late for pick up.

Have guidelines for parents, instructions for child care giver, to hand out to parents 1-2 weeks before this event.

Select volunteers to care for the children, a head of time and have sign up sheets for them as well as for parents wanting to participate in this service.

These are all fundraiser ideas to share. Please add to this list by sharing your ideas you may have, so we can all benefit  & experience a debt free, limitless  mom’s group this coming year. Putting our heads together, makes things happen. We can’t wait to hear from you. God bless!





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