Happy “Everyday”Mom

goals yr.Happy “Everyday” to all moms!!!

We as moms know that every day is our day.

Our day to get clothes ready for our little darlings to wear to preschool or junior high.

Our day to change diapers, wipe bottoms, or get load number 7 started in the washer.

Our day to figure out how to hide the broccoli in the chicken casserole so the children are getting their daily vitamins and minerals.

Yet it is our day when the family room is quiet and your  3 year old little guy is concentrating on making a very high tower out of legos for his superiors. You are in the kitchen cleaning up, and this little one, calls out your name, “Mommy” and you answer back, “What?”; then this little sweet boy says, “I love you”. Then right there, at the kitchen sink, your heart melts and an everlasting smile is planted in your soul.

It may be one of our day’s, when your sweet curly blond headed daughter comes in from playing outside and she is holding in her little fist the most beautiful sun-yellow short stemmed dandelion, she picked from a large patch in the backyard. She hands it up to you, you bend down and kiss her cheek and you say, “It is so beautiful. Thank you”. You then place it in a small glass of water and place it in the center of the dining room table for all to see, replacing your expensive centerpiece arrangement you purchased.

Oh, I know there are sleepless nights when your infant is still needing to eat every 3 hours, but count it as blessings and enjoy your bonding time.

There are also times that your children may wake you because they have a high fever and their ears hurt.  You are there because you are a mom. Moms love, touch, care, hug, kiss and hold to make all things better.

Then mom as the years pass, you watch your child graduate from the preschool years, to the high school years.  With it being the month of May, you might be in the middle of  a conversation with your almost grown child about what color of dress she is going to wear and what shoes and jewelry would look best for her special junior senior night! Wow! How time goes by so very quickly. Wow! What great opportunities to experience the different stages of being a mom.

During these times of cleaning the house, or spending alone time,  getting the homemade pizza ready for the oven, tossing the organic fresh smelling salad in the big clear glass bowl, and pouring ice water in every glass as you place them on the table; you can reminisce over what you have taught your child about life.

Things like:

1. Christ being first in their life. A time in their life they accepted Christ as their Savior.

2. Obedience to Christ. Following Him as Lord.

3. Respect the right authority in their life.

4. Get involved and serve in a Bible believing church.

5, Have a personal Devotion time, reading their Bible and praying.

6. Honor their parents.

7. Be Dependable. Making their words mean something.

8. Be truthful.

9. Work hard and do their best!

10. Treat people how they would  want to be treated.

Moms, as you teach,  remember  your words and your actions need to match up. Your children will watch your actions more than listen to your words.

So as you teach all of the wonderful things about God and instruct them about all the great character traits, be sure you are living them out in your own life.

Start when you know you are expecting a baby, when he/ she or both is growing in the womb, pray for your child to know God personally and pray that you will be a Mom that lives the Christian life, knowing that you have little eyes and ears that see and hear the God you serve.

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when  he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Happy Mom’s Day. Remember it is every day!

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