Happy Birthday ____________?

Happy Birthday Jesus Poinsettia Ornament

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The birthday invitations  have been sent out, waiting to see who will be attending. The yellow, pink, red, blue and green balloons are floating around in the room. The crape streamers are swaying in the breeze as a result of the ceiling fan in the family room. The party favors match the party theme of plates and napkins. The birthday cake is on the dining room table with candles, ready to be lit. It is party time!!!!!

Birthday parties are so much fun for those who are 39 yrs. and younger, or for those who live to be 89 and older!! Many children will tell you that their birthday is their favorite day of the year because it is all about them.

My parents have reminded me many times about the birthday we celebrated when I was 3 or 4 yrs. old. They tell me that I woke up that morning very excited that it was my day, my birthday. I was so ready to celebrate. However the excitement didn’t last long when my mom told me we would not be celebrating until supper time. Well, that not only burst the birthday bubble- but to wait until the supper meal felt like eternity to a preschooler.

My mom at the time, was a stay at home mom. My sister Judy was 5 yrs. old and my sister Jean was just a baby. My mom had to clean the house, do laundry, ironing and then had to go to the grocery store to pick up items to bake my birthday cake. Oh, she had to buy the candles and the vanilla ice cream also.

My dad was at work and would not be home until 6:00. A very long day for the birthday girl.

Finally, it was supper time!! Excitement was in the air! Judy and I had to eat everything on our plates, which didn’t take us long to do and now, cake and ice cream! Yes!

Then my mother said that she would be right back and she got up from her chair and went into the kitchen. My dad also said that he had to get something from the bedroom and then he got up and left the table. Judy and I waited, and waited. I felt I had waited long enough. I wanted my birthday celebration to be now. So, (according to my mom) I started singing my song, solo from the top of my lungs, “Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday dear me, Happy Birthday to me”.

My mom came laughing from the kitchen carrying my candle lit birthday cake; and my dad, with his manly laugh, entered the room holding my birthday present. Yes! My birthday celebration had finally come!! My mom, dad and Judy started singing, ” Happy Birthday to you!”

Many years later, OK, many many years later and it is almost Christmas. Christ’s birthday.

HalMark started playing Christmas movies before Thanksgiving Day. Families are out shopping, attending office Christmas parties, baking sugar cookies, buckeyes and Christmas tea rings. There are church and school Christmas programs to attend, and oh, I almost forgot. decorating the tree and decorating inside and outside of the house. Why? For who? Are we having a birthday party for ourselves, giving gifts we want, need or gifts that are not necessary? Are we spending money we don’t have so we can pay off the credit card all year until next Christmas? Perhaps, we need to take a few minutes and evaluate.

  1. Don’t get so stressed that you can’t enjoy the season.
  2. Don’t forget who’s birthday we are celebrating.
  3. Yes, give gifts to family, friends and those who are in need.
  4. Don’t become so overwhelmed that you can not enjoy this special joyful season of the year.
  5. Thank Christ for coming to earth as a babe and coming for the purpose of salvation for all.
  6. Give a special offering to a missionary, your church or a rescue mission.
  7. Show extra kindness when shopping. Let others see Christ in your behavior.
  8. Christ is the reason for this season.

Enjoy Christmas! Christmas is Christ.
Christmas is family!!! Make great memories!!!!!

“Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Jesus. Happy Birthday to you”!

Now that is celebrating.

Luke 2: 11 “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.”

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