God is real! You can believe!!

Ok readers, I am having to strap myself to my office desk, because I could fly right out of here. That is, if I had a pair of wings.

Do you see what I see? Yes, that is why I want to shout from the mountain tops and let the world know what God has placed in the middle of a galaxy to bless our hearts.

I was so blessed by discovering this amazing picture that NASA took. I was looking for a picture to show the ladies in the It’s 4 uMom group. Our theme is “UNLIMITED” so I was looking online for pictures of the universe.

NASA says that there are 100-200 billions of galaxies. The Hubble telescope has captured hundreds of pictures in the universe.

The exciting picture of the cross in the middle of the Whirlpool galaxy is breath taking.

NASA however says:

the dark “X” is silhouetted across  the galaxy’s nucleus. …The darkest bar may be an edge-on dust ring which is 100 light-years in diameter. …The second bar of the “X” could be a second disk seen edge on, or possibly rotating gas and dust in MS1 intersecting with the jets and ionization cones. The size of the image is 1100 light-years.

Ok, God used the gases and the dust to form the silhouette. It shows the formation of Christ on the cross.

Our God, who is indescribable, unstoppable, incarnate, incorruptible, and by the words of His mouth forms anything in this universe that He desires, puts a formation of a cross millions of light years away, for scientists, yes, scientists, to see this formation through their Hubble Space telescope.

I don’t know about you, but that has kindled the fire in my soul to not be ashamed and to feel secure in sharing the Gospel with individuals. Some may think it is weak to believe in God and His salvation plan. I am burdened for the friends and acquaintances I have; that think, they do not need God. They think they can care for themselves. They think it is the weak that have to believe in a higher power. That would be like an ant fighting against a giant. Or, a baby bird trying to fly faster than the New Horizon that was launched Jan. 19th 2006, speed of 36,373 mph from Cape Canaveral. Realize that the God of the universe loves us, little, minute,people, so much, He wants us to invite His Son into our lives.

Those who do not believe are the weak individuals. However,  if you are still breathing, there is still time for you to trust.

Friends, who are Christians, can be assured that your God is real and you can stand for your Savior. This is a great picture to show your friends, families, co-workers, and neighbors who do not believe.

For our dear ones who read this blog and question if God is real: He gave us another view of His love and His power. Please trust Christ today. The Hubble telescope took this picture. There is no denying the truth of how great is our God.

I thought of the words of this famous song: “How Great Thou Art”:

Oh Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder consider all, the worlds Thy hands have made. I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder, Thy power throughout the universe displayed.

And when I think of God, His son not sparing, sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in; that on the cross, my burden gladly bearing, He bled and died to take away my sin.

When Christ shall come with shout of acclamation and take me home what joy shall fill my heart, then I shall bow with humble adoration and then proclaim My God How great Thou art.

Then sings my soul My Savior, God, to Thee, how great Thou art, how great Thou art, then sings my soul, My Savior, God to Thee, how great Thou art, how great Thou art.

There are several great verses in the Bible that talk of God’s creation. One to share:

Psalm 33:6 “By the word of the LORD were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth.”

If you want to be a follower of Christ and be born again: Pray and tell Christ, you believe He died for you, was buried, rose again and is returning. Ask Him to forgive you of all of your sin and ask Him to come into your life and be your Savior.

Romans 10:9 “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”

If you just prayed and asked Christ to come into your life and forgive you of your sin and you want to make Him the Lord of your life, please tell a friend, and/or message me on Facebook,  (email me),  get into a Gospel preaching church, read your Bible and grow as a new person in Christ.

It is real. God is real!


(Nasa calls the photo: “X” structure at the core of the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51)                                                                                   Object name: M51 Whirlpool Galaxy                                       Image credit: credit; H.ford (JHU/ST Scl), the faint object. Spectrograph IDT. & NASA.                                            Publication date: 1992-06-08  09:30 EDT

“How Great Thou Art”(Origin Sweden. Carl Gustav Boberg 1885. English translation Stuart K Hines 1949)

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