A Year in Reflection-Ben

Ben- orginal pic“As a mother I enjoy being involved in the passions of my ¬†children because of my love for them. Through the years I have gained knowledge & appreciation for cub scouts, comping, gymnastics,, cheerleading, volleyball, softball, soccer, 6 am basketball practices, kinesiology & computer science. There is no doubt that I am the loudest cheerleader on & off the field for each of my children.

I have strived to be a listening ear, a warm hug & faithful prayer warrior.

As we are now reliving the one year mark, I remember watching that ambulance leave our driveway with my precious Ben. I never wanted to face that moment. Yes, there was a surge of prayer every time I would watch my babies drive the car away the first time they had their license, or when they were leaving home to go to college, but I never anticipated the moment when they would no longer be on this earth.

For Ben, we were very active and supportive of his soccer games, banjo lessons, Lego creations, love for cooking…and we anticipated all the moments he would bring laughter & provoking thoughts of wisdom with his dry sense of humor. Now I draw my thoughts & attention to the joy he is experiencing in heaven with a sense and perfect body as he sees The glory of God and proclaims, “Blessing and honor and glory and power be unto Him” (Rev. 5:13). I fall desperately short in my praise & worship to my Lord & Savior who loved me so much that he suffered the pain & sting of death so I can live eternally with Him.

As we embrace this year in reflection, The Lord has been & will continue to be our strength. We are so thankful for the family & friends who have faithfully stood with us & continue to pray for us. The hurt & weight of grief never go away, they just change forms & intensity in expected & unexpected moments.

Ben, we miss you deeply. Our eyes long to look in those big brown eyes, our ears ache to hear your unique & boisterous laughter, & our arms long to hold you again. Until the day we are gloriously reunited, I pray that our lives are a reflection of the Glory you are Now Seeing. We love you! “I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness”. (Psalm 17:15)”

(written by our daughter, Heidi Tripp. For those grieving for loved ones, or those going through challenges and trials in your life, check out: “Comforted by God” on Facebook.)

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