A New Way to reach Your Community in the New Year!

Goals for the year
To Pastors, Outreach Ministers, and Women Directors:

In the New Year, Church leaders everywhere are setting new goals for their churches.

The following may be a few of those goals:

1. Reach more community families

2. Involve more church members in soul winning

3. Increase church attendance

What is your plan?

The solution to those goals, “It’s 4 uMom” – Building Relationships through Every Stage of Mothering.

“It’s 4 uMom” a women’s outreach ministry, is successful because:

1. Reaches community moms and their families. Acts 16:31b becomes a reality: “…and thy house.” Reach mom and you can reach her family.

2. Unites Church ladies to build relationships with community moms in a non-confrontational way.

3. Builds friendships in which you can witness, win them, disciple them, and grow the church.

This outreach endeavor works!!!!! We have many, many God stories to share as a result of this great, fun, and exciting way to do soul winning.

Please view our website and look at the page, “What we Offer“.

Please contact Josie Aenis for more detailed information:


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