2013 – 2014 Theme

 Gifts-e13715848887612012-2013 Theme:


Gifts, Gifts, Gifts, Gifts, Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

Bridal Shower, Wedding, Baby Shower, Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Recitals, Graduations, Valentine, “just because”…

“Will Somebody help me carry in the packages”

“Let’s celebrate Christmas in July”

“We need a garbage bag to throw away the wrapping paper”

“Mommy, I can’t find my new toy” “Oh, it is probably under the gift boxes, and the wrapping paper” “Oh, here it is! I found it!”

Sound familiar?

Webster’s dictionary says, “Gift is:  Something given or talent. Something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation”

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the Father above with whom is no variableness neither shadow of turning.” James: 1”17 (KJV)

Let’s take time this year to recognize gifts God has blessed us with through out the year. Focus on the day after day gifts that we are showered with but many times take for granted and let us be thankful.

Interweave the gifts of health, family, food clothing, houses finances with salvation, attitude, Bible, prayer, friendships, church, freedom etc.

You can definitely run with all sorts of ideas with this year’s theme: advertising your group, decorating the meeting room, the tables, speakers of interest – on & on with ideas.

Have a great year! Stay focused on the goal: “Reaching community moms, building relationships and sharing God’s love and salvation”.

Share “gifts” with one another that we have received from our Father above.

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